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Welcome to the platform that will reveal your artistic talents !

Do you know what Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso have in common?


Here are some guidelines for you to transmit the required elements to aNa.


aNa likes to recieve drawings as simple as possible.

Please create large and colorful shapes and drawings.


aNa never uses words and numbers in her collaboratives murals


Make sure you never use black. We save it for aNa’s black lines artwork.

Create your own idea now on PAINT and download your drawing from your desktop.

Please answer this question:

What does Spring mean to you?

How to participate?

aNa artist

Visual artist and live painter aNa’s artwork is grounded in the social art movement. aNa feeds from the confrontation with her audience.

Thanks to her artistic approach she shows the contemporary art as an accessible area and wants to engage in a dialogue between culture, art and popular structures by creating participatory artworks.

aNa’s collaborative Mural

With digital devices, aNa avoid distance. She invites the whole world to create with her online.

Thanks to « PAINT », a very simple and popular tool, she allows you to create plain drawings and symbols easily.

You act whenever you want remotely. aNa integrates all the sketchs sent into a general mood board. And then, she imagines a global digital collaborative mural.



Aide – Help

Lundi / Vendredi : 10h – 16h

Monday / Friday : 10am – 4pm

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